Simply English: An A-Z of Avoidable Errors / Simon Heffer

In his best-selling Strictly English Simon Heffer explained how to write well. In Simply English he offers an entertaining and supremely useful A-Z guide to frequent errors, common misunderstandings, and stylistic howlers. What is the difference between amend and emend, between imply and infer, and between uninterested and disinterested? When should one put owing to rather than due to? Why should the temptation to write actually, basically or at this moment in time always be strenuously resisted? How do you use an apostrophe correctly, ensure that you understand what alibi really means, and avoid the perils of the double negative? With articles on everything from punctuation, to tabloid English, to adverbs and adjectives, Simply English is the essential companion for anyone who cares about the language and wants to use it correctly.

Simply English - Simon Heffer
Categories: Errors & Mistakes
Tags: adverbs, English, Errors, Punctuation

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