Dollywood, the Lovely Taste of Durban

Right there in Davenport Square in Durban, South Africa lies my favourite Indian restaurant, Dolleywood. The place being cosy and simple gives you this sense of being home. The menu has a list of delicious meals and whatever you try there, you always pick up something that tastes yummy. Their bunny-chow, a South African Indian popular dish, is superb and served with finger-licking sauce and wonderful carrot salad. I also tried their mutton and fish biryani dishes and both were really delish and the amount made a big guy like me feel full. The Sundays there are very special. You get this lovely buffet where you can eat like crazy for a very reasonable cost and order a couple of drinks as well. You also have this nice karaoke with the friendly man on the saxophone. And above all the staff is really decent and the manager is always there monitoring everything and making sure customers are pleased. I would definitely recommend the place for those who would love to try the ethnic food of South African Indians. The place is WORTH a visit.


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