Egyptian English Islamic School Staff at Britishey

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Cairo, Egypt – Britishey Training Centre, a leading provider of high-quality English language teacher training, is set to launch an innovative training programme in June for English language teachers from the reputable Egyptian English Islamic School (EEIS). The centre, located in Cairo, will provide state-of-the-art facilities to support the professional growth of future English educators.

Two comprehensive programmes will be offered to EEIS teachers, enhancing their language teaching abilities and solidifying their expertise in the field. The first programme is the TQUK OFQUAL-regulated Level Five Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Designed to be thorough and holistic, the TEFL programme will equip the teachers with necessary skills, methodologies, and strategies to teach the language effectively.

The second programme, the TQUK-Endorsed Level Five Certificate in Grammar for English Teachers, will provide teachers with greater understanding and usage of English grammar. This in-depth course will ensure effective and accurate teaching of essential grammatical concepts, enabling EEIS teachers to vastly improve their students’ language skills.

The management of the Egyptian English Islamic School has been highly commended for their dedication to improving their teachers’ professional development. Enrolment in these esteemed training programmes reflects their commitment to providing their students with the highest quality of education. The forward-thinking institution is setting the benchmark for exceptional English language teaching standards across Egypt.

Britishey Training Centre’s innovative curriculum and industry-leading resources will undoubtedly foster a new caliber of English language educators at EEIS. The collaborative effort propels both institutions to the forefront of delivering top-notch education in Egypt.

These intensive training programmes, set to begin in June, are expected to enrich the English language educational landscape in Egypt. By fostering proficient and passionate teachers, EEIS students will be well-equipped to thrive in their academic journeys and beyond. With the collaboration between Britishey Training Centre and the Egyptian English Islamic School, a bright and linguistically empowered future unfolds for young learners in Egypt.

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