English for Young Learners

Britishey training centre course

Duration: 32 hours per level

Lesson Hours: 2 hours – 3 hours including breaks

Timetable: two days or three days a week

Minimum Age: 3 – 12 Years Old

Entry Level: Beginner to Advanced

Class Size: Average 12, maximum 15

Mode of Study: Face to Face / Fully Online

Nature: Part Time / Full Time

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Part One / Phonics

Some of our most popular courses, our Phonics courses incorporate good practice from the ‘Letters and Sounds’ and ‘Jolly Phonics’ programmes to create a multi-sensory learning experience. This course is aimed at children attending K1-K3. Your child will learn through a range of fun multi-sensory activities to help them remember the sounds and combine them to make age-appropriate words. Our course is taught by highly experienced Britishey teachers trained in teaching Phonics.

Your child will: 

  • learn the 42 letter sounds
  • develop handwriting and letter-formation skills
  • learn how to combine letter sounds to make words
  • learn how to identify letter sounds in words and segment them to spell
  • learn tricky words – words that cannot be decoded using phonics
  • learn to blend and segment longer words with alternative spellings of letter sounds 
  • prepare for writing phrases and sentences creatively.

After completing our series of Phonics courses, your child will acquire the skills needed to read and spell using letter sounds. 

AgeLevelsHoursFees per Level
3,4,5 years1   232 hours per level. 16 sessions.135 USD

Part Two / YL Levels

Being confident in English can give your child an early advantage at school, helping them make the most of the education, qualifications and career opportunities that lie ahead. 

Our courses have been specifically designed around the unique way children learn and are taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about the English language and experts in teaching children.

We encourage talk, play and mutual interaction in a natural and enjoyable way, in a safe and secure environment, to help your child get the best possible start in life.

Your child will:

1. Identify the main idea and supporting details of spoken texts

2. Practice speaking extensively about an issue and sustain a short conversation

3. Discuss a wide variety of engaging topics/texts at some length

4. Dramatise a situation through role-playing using appropriate language functions

5. Make presentations discussing a variety of topics focusing on the pros and cons of various options

AgeLevelsHoursFees per Level
3,4,5 years1 2 332 hours per level. 16 sessions.110 USD
6 to 12 years1 2 3 4 5 6  32 hours per level. 16 sessions.110 USD

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