Certificate in Teaching IELTS

Training Qualifications UK

Duration: 130 hours

Mode of Study: Blended / Fully Online

Nature: Part Time / Full Time


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Certificate in Teaching IELTS

A level-five certificate in teaching IELTS endorsed by TQUK


Course content

The “How to Teach IELTS” course at Britishey Training Centre is meticulously designed to provide teachers with a comprehensive understanding of the IELTS exam and the skills required to successfully prepare students for this important international English test. The course covers various aspects of IELTS, including teaching strategies, test-taking techniques, lesson planning, assessment, and the use of technology. The course consists of the following modules:

1. Introduction to IELTS and its components: This module provides an overview of the IELTS exam, its format, the four different sections (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking), and the scoring criteria. Participants will gain insight into the importance of the test, its global recognition, and common challenges faced by test takers.

2. Teaching Listening Skills and Test Taking Strategies: This module focuses on the development of listening skills required for the IELTS exam, including understanding question types, tackling different accents, and improving comprehension. Participants will learn effective test-taking strategies to enhance their students’ performance in the Listening section.

3. Teaching Reading Skills and Test Taking Strategies: In this module, participants will explore various reading techniques essential for the IELTS Reading section, such as skimming, scanning, and identifying keywords. The module also includes guidance on approaching different question types and time management strategies for this section.

4. Teaching Writing Skills and Test Taking Strategies: This module focuses on the development of writing skills required for both IELTS Academic and General Training tests. Participants will learn how to assess and address common writing issues and develop effective strategies for teaching coherence, cohesion, and grammatical range and accuracy.

5. Teaching Speaking Skills and Test Taking Strategies: This module equips participants with methods to improve their students’ speaking skills, practice pronunciation, and enhance fluency and accuracy. It provides an overview of the IELTS Speaking test format, common pitfalls, and tips on improving test performance.

6. Developing Effective IELTS Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities: In this module, participants will learn how to create engaging and targeted lesson plans incorporating essential IELTS skills. They will explore various classroom activities aimed at catering to different learning styles and enhancing students’ overall IELTS preparation.

7. Evaluating, Grading, and Providing Feedback: This module focuses on assessment techniques for IELTS, including understanding the official IELTS band descriptors, grading students’ performance, and providing constructive feedback. Participants will explore strategies for monitoring progress and supporting students in addressing weaknesses.

8. Using Technology for IELTS Instruction and Practice: The final module provides an overview of various technological tools and resources available for IELTS preparation, including online practice tests, learning platforms, and mobile applications. Participants will learn how to effectively integrate technology into their teaching to enhance students’ learning experience and prepare them for the IELTS exam.

why sign up for this course with britishey

igning up for the Britishey Training Centre course “Certificate in Teaching IELTS” endorsed by TQUK comes with several benefits. These benefits are designed to improve your teaching skills, enhance your career prospects, and increase your confidence in teaching IELTS. Some of the reasons to sign up for this course are:

1. Globally Recognised Certification: The endorsement from TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) ensures that the course follows international standards and is globally recognizsd. This certification can significantly enhance your professional profile and open up new opportunities.

2. Comprehensive Course Content: The Certificate in Teaching IELTS course covers a wide range of concepts, techniques, and strategies that specifically focus on teaching IELTS. This comprehensive approach will enable you to teach your students more effectively and achieve better outcomes.

3. Expert Guidance: The course trainers are experienced IELTS experts who provide guidance and support throughout the course. This ensures that you receive the best learning experience and develop the highest level of expertise.

4. Career Advancement: With a TQUK-endorsed certification, you can showcase your credentials to potential employers, making you stand out in the competitive job market. This can lead to career advancement and better job prospects.

5. Increased Confidence: Learning effective IELTS teaching techniques and strategies will enable you to feel more confident and competent when teaching the exam’s various components. Improving your knowledge and skills will make you a more effective and sought-after teacher.

6. Professional Networking: During the course, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with other professionals in the field. This connects you with a wider network of people who share the same passion for teaching IELTS, and it can lead to professional collaborations and support.

7. Flexible Learning Options: Britishey Training Centre offers flexible learning options, allowing you to choose between online and face-to-face classes depending on your location and preferences. See which option best fits your schedule and lifestyle.

8. Ongoing Support: As a course participant, you will have access to ongoing support even after the course completion. This ensures that you can continue to improve and refine your teaching techniques, making you a more effective IELTS expert.