Linguaskill Preparation

Britishey training centre course

Fees: 190 USD

Duration: 30 hours

Lesson Hours: 2 hours – 3 hours including breaks

Timetable: two days or three days a week

Minimum Age: 16 Years Old

Entry Level: Intermediate

Class Size: Average 12, maximum 15

Mode of Study: Face to Face / Fully Online

Nature: Part Time / Full Time

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Linguaskill is an online, multilevel test provided by Cambridge Assessment English. It is used by Higher Education Institutions and employers who need a fast, accurate way to check the English language skills of students and employees. The test is modular so institutions and employers can choose the combination of language skills they want to assess.

The Linguaskill Reading and Listening module is a computer-adaptive test. The test finishes when a candidate has answered enough questions for Linguaskill to identify their level accurately. Answers are marked automatically to provide fast, accurate results.

Why Britishey?

Our preparation course is your short, definitive guide to test success. It tells you everything you need to know in preparation for test day. On the course, you will know: the test format and timings, which version is for you – Linguaskill Business or Linguaskill General, test grading and results framework, what’s in each module and tips for each part, and key points to remember for test day. You’ll have a chance to practise all exam tasks.


Linguaskill is a computer-based test. It requires a computer, internet connection and a set of headphones (no specialist software is required). It is a modular assessment which tests Reading and Listening (combined) and Writing.

Reading and Listening (60–85 minutes)

The Reading and Listening module is an adaptive test. There is not a fixed number of questions. The test finishes when the candidate has answered enough questions for Linguaskill to identify the candidate’s level accurately.

Writing (45 minutes)

The Writing test has two parts (each worth half of the final Writing mark).

Part 1: the candidate needs to write an email (minimum of 50 words).

Part 2: the candidate needs to write a longer text (minimum of 180 words).

Example writing topics include: future plans; free time and hobbies; using and learning English; family and friends; travel and holidays; places and sights; studying and working; shopping; sport; music; home life; technology.

Candidates input their answers using a computer keyboard.

Timing & Results

Linguaskill does not have any set test dates or venues. It is designed for organisations that wish to run and invigilate the test at their own site, according to their own timescales.

Results for the Reading and Listening module are provided immediately. Writing answers are marked automatically by the computer and results are available within 12 hours.

Linguaskill has a computer-generated Test Report Form. This means there is no waiting for printed certificates/documents.

The Test Report Form has the following information about the candidate’s performance:

  • a CEFR level for each skill tested (writing, reading and listening)
  • a score on the Cambridge English Scale for each skill tested (writing, reading and listening)
  • an average CEFR score (if more than one skill is tested)
  • an average Cambridge English Scale score (if more than one skill is tested)
  • an explanation of what each score means in terms of English language ability.

The following scores are used to report results:

Cambridge English Scale scoreCEFR Level
180+C1 or above
82–99Below A1

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