OET Preparation

Britishey training centre course

Duration: 30 hours 

Lesson Hours: 2 hours – 3 hours including breaks

Timetable: two days or three days a week

Minimum Age: 16 Years Old

Entry Level: Intermediate

Class Size: Average 12, maximum 15

Mode of Study: Face to Face / Fully Online

Nature: Part Time / Full Time


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Preparation for the OET

OET Preparation

Be ready for this occupational test whether you are a doctor or a nurse.



The Occupational English Test (OET) is a critical examination for healthcare professionals who are keen on pursuing a fulfilling career in an English-speaking country. To guarantee exceptional results, choosing the right course provider with the perfect study environment is of utmost importance. Britishey Training Centre, an official OET Preparation course provider, is your ultimate destination for effective and efficient OET preparation.

What is OET?

The Occupational English Test (OET) is an international English language test specifically designed for healthcare professionals. It evaluates their linguistic readiness to communicate effectively in English with patients, colleagues, and other medical staff. The test is recognised by the regulatory authorities and healthcare employers in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Namibia, and Singapore, among other countries. Passing the OET is considered proof of adequate English proficiency for both visa and professional registration purposes.

Course Content

The OET Preparation Course at Britishey Training Centre is tailored to improve your language skills and prepare you for the exam by focusing on the four essential components: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Britishey provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers the following areas:

1. Overview of OET’s test format and assessment criteria

2. Listening: Techniques and strategies to understand a variety of spoken materials

3. Reading: Skill development for quick comprehension of different text types

4. Writing: Strategies for producing clear, coherent, and accurate case notes, letters or email

5. Speaking: Enhancement of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary for effective communication in a healthcare context

6. Mock tests, individualised feedback, and progress monitoring

Why OET Preparation at Britishey?

Choosing Britishey Training Centre as your OET preparation hub offers you numerous advantages:

1. Official OET Preparation Provider: As an officially certified OET Preparation course provider, you can trust Britishey Training Centre for authentic materials and well-prepared course content.

2. Expert Trainers: The Centre comprises highly qualified and experienced trainers, with in-depth knowledge of the OET exam and medical terminologies, ensuring suitable guidance at each step of the preparation process.

3. Personalised Learning: Britishey Training Centre is dedicated to recognizing individual student needs and providing tailored solutions for maximum progress.

4. Flexible Learning: To cater to unique schedules, the Centre offers a variety of classes, including group and individual sessions, as well as online and offline options.

5. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Britishey Training Centre is equipped with modern resources and an engaging atmosphere conducive to efficient learning.

6. Track Record of Success: The Centre takes pride in its impressive success rate and in assisting numerous healthcare professionals in achieving their OET goals.

Britishey Training Centre’s OET Preparation Course is the perfect step towards obtaining superior OET results and expanding your professional horizons. Enrol with Britishey and benefit from their expertise, modern facilities, and customised learning approach to ace the OET and achieve your dream of working in English-speaking healthcare environments.