Developing a Local Curriculum: Using your locality to inspire teaching and learning / William Evans and Jonathan Savage

How can your local area become a source of inspiration for curriculum development? How can it enhance the teaching and learning at your school? Developing a Local Curriculum explores how your local area and its resources can be used as a stimulus and inspiration for curriculum development. It examines the ways in which the geography, history, culture and people within your local area can enrich the learning experiences offered to students to make them more relevant and meaningful. Drawing on a wide range of examples from schools already taking this approach, the book shows show how the rich histories and cultures of individual subjects can be developed through an understanding of the local area. It also reveals how engaging with the 'local' in education can help restore young people's sense of identity and community. Features include: · practical guidance on engaging with the local community in innovative ways · suggestions for local cultural activities such as architecture, digital arts, theatre and film · ways to develop effective partnerships with local businesses and charities · detailed case studies showing how schools put the ideas described into practice This exciting new book aims to inspire you to develop a curriculum that is meaningful for pupils and gives them a strong sense of connection with their local area and understanding of its past, future and present.

Developing a Local Curriculum_ Using your locality to inspire teaching and learning
Categories: Educational Management

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