One of the wonders of English language is the informal verb ( to nick), which is used to mean kind of two opposite things. Can you imagine this?

For example, when you say to someone:

They nicked him for playing music too loud at night.

This means in Arabic:

قبضوا عليه عشان شغل الموسيقى بصوت عالي جداً بليل.

And if you say:

Someone nicked my pen.

This means in Arabic:

حد سرق قلمي.

Now the pronunciation of this verb goes as follows: /nɪk/

What is weird as well is that (nick) can be used as a noun referring to (the prison).

He’s been in the nick for a long time.

في السجن بقاله فتره طويلة.

This means that we can say:

When Nick nicked my car, he got nicked and got sent to the nick. 😂😂😂😂

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