A Real Perfect Model


A Real Perfect Model


To be a good teacher and create a happy, healthy, and loving classroom environment, you have to build a genuine rapport with your students;you have to use your personality, your humor, and your charisma to get students to want to be around you and take an interest in who you are.

Developing rapport- including building trust, using humor and getting to know the students outside of the classroom- can not only help to better understand the background of students but can also help with classroom management and instruction.


Our awesome teacher trainers Dr. Shady Abuyusuf and Mr. Ismail Noaman not only gave their TEFL students thisĀ priceless advice, but also were the very model and set an excellent example. After a long TP session, Dr. Shady and Mr. Ismail changed the mood in a sense of humor by taking some funny selfies with their dear students. Ā 

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