ITP / PBT TOEFL Preparation

ITP / PBT TOEFL Preparation

ITP / PBT TOEFL Preparation

TOEFL ITP (“ITP” stands for “Institutional Testing Program”) tests are paper-based and use academic content to evaluate the English-language proficiency of non-native English speakers. The tests use new and previously administered TOEFL test questions and are used for placement, progress, evaluation, exit testing and other situations. The test scores, format and content of the test matches the “TOEFL PBT”,with the exception of not including the TWE (Test of Written Expression).

Now preparation for the TOEFL ITP is available at Britishey Training Centre, during the course students become familiar with the test and how to handle its various questions. Training lasts in this programme for 30 hours.

To register in this programme, kindly press on the following button:



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