Alshaimaa Mohamad Alshafeay

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As a test course, IELTS could be very tricky when teaching. These courses may be presented in a way blocking to learners’ minds. Had we, as teachers, not been cautious enough, most of us might have easily been drawn to that issue not only posing an obstacle for our students to fully understand the strategies to answer IELTS questions, but also allowing boredom to dominate the whole class. “How to Teach IELTS” course, however, provided a startling new perspective regarding teaching the test questions answering techniques in funny , yet very effective methods stressing the authenticity of the material used in class. Dr. Shady Abu- Youssef, the instructor of the course, armed us with the knowledge required to apply that in reality through theoretical and practical sessions via various handouts and demos presented by him and the candidates of the course covering the IELTS four sections: reading, writing, listening and speaking.  I would like to conclude with a genuine recommendation of this course to every instructor wanting to conquer the world of teaching test courses.

English Language Teacher

Damietta, Egypt

Britishey training Centre

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