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Dalia Gamal

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I can say that taking the TEFL course with Dr. Shady Abuyusuf was the best decision that I have ever made. Actually, Shady helped me to take my teaching to another level. I have become more aware of not only what I am doing in the class but also why I am doing it. I started to think not just like a teacher but also like a student. That helped me to think critically about what I shall do in the class, which activities I shall use, which things I should adapt and why, and how I shall convey information to my students. I became able to reflect on my teaching and that helped me to improve myself continually. Every time I go for an interview, the interviewer thinks that I am a CElTA holder not a TEFL holder. That’s why, I am so grateful to you Shady for all the things you have taught me. Thanks a million!

ESL Teacher

Cairo, Egypt

Canadian International College, Future University in Egypt & Eslsca

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