Eman Ahmed Almur

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When I made my mind to take “How to Teach IELTS”, I was thinking of more challenge to myself, as the degree of difficulty is higher compared to the TEFL course because the students expected on such course are always of high levels. However, my expectations of the course didn’t apply to how the TEFL was like, I mean including the teaching practice in the course and even presenting the four skills in minute details. Once I was engaged in the course, I really found that each and every tiny detail in the exam was being presented in a demo to teach us how we would teach students of IELTS afterwards, which was amazing. This is an adequate reason that makes me recommend the course to anyone who really desires to be one of the IELTS trainers in this expanding market; this course will definitely make your teaching full of fun which is not something usual on the normal IELTS courses.

English Language Teacher

Damietta, Egypt

Mavericks Schools

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