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Gehad Khalil

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I took the TEFL course in 2014 with Shady and it was an essential step in my career as an ESL instructor. It opened the door for me to work ar different private universities. The TEFL course not only helped me to deliver excellent demos at the places I worked for but also to run my classes in a communicative way apart from the old traditional ways. I learned to run a student- centered class where the teacher is a facilitator not a lecturer and the student is the core of the learning process. I consider this course a perfect preparation for the CELTA. When I started my CELTA, I discovered that Shady followed all the CELTA criteria on his course when it comes to the input sessions, assignments, TPs and feedback. So the CELTA for me wasn’t that difficult because I kept going back to shady’s input sessions and the feedback I received during the TEFL course.

ESL Teacher

Cairo, Egypt

Heliopolis University

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