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 As an English language teacher spending all the time teaching young learners, I wanted to develop my own skills and experience teaching adults. Fortunately, I was informed that there would be a course on how to teach IELTS. I did not hesitate for a while to take the chance to enhance my skills in both scales as a teacher and as a trainee. Moreover, most of the candidates on this course are strong teachers in my city, and most of us were together in the TEFL programme run by the same tutor Dr. Shady Abuyusuf, the tutor of the current course under discussion as well. Hence, I was totally motivated to join this course, and I really gained lots of benefits.

In accordance to what is mentioned above, I deliberately joined this course aiming at being a stronger teacher and a well prepared person for taking the IELTS test itself. As a teacher, I have been spending all the input sessions’ time in condensed observations. Consequently, and by the end of the theoretical part, I added many skills to my teaching techniques. Additionally, I became familiar with the sub skills used in the four skills of the language through the knowledge delivered in high quality and enthusiasm. According to the second part which is being a trainee, I enjoyed and appreciated every single moment within the course. The tutor was fully aware of our needs and how we should be ready for giving strong, enthusiastic, and funny IELTS lessons. It is worth mentioning that I did my first TP, and it was on one of the reading tasks, matching headings. Despite hating reading by nature, yet I was trained to make it funny and smooth. Eventually, my first TP was promising for a better teaching performance.

Having a pleasant experience attached with remarkable memories and hard work, I will definitely recommend this course for anyone seeking for professional development. This is due to the professional preparation, good organization, rich knowledge, and warm atmosphere.  All in all, I can strongly say it is a state- of- the- art.

English language Teacher

Damietta, Egypt

Nile Egyptian Schools


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