Reyam Zwawi

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last month was the most exhausting month I’ve ever had. However, it was the most beneficial one as well. I was honored to be taught by wonderful tutors ( Shady and Laura), As I learned how to teach the elementary level in the first two weeks with Laura, I was pleased to learn from Shady the perfect techniques of teaching the intermediate level. Shady, you were more than a tutor to us. You were so helpful and friendly. As you know I failed TP8 with you ;P and I thought I knew everything and that wasn’t fair, (the drama queen day) I hated you that day lol, but I woke up next day remembering how silly I was , and found out that it was all because I missed my brother’s engagement party, I apologize for the million time for being stupidly dramatic lol. And when it comes to experience, as we’ve been taught teaching techniques by a non-Arab tutor, I am not exaggerating or something, it is just you and Laura were perfect , and we were so lucky to have you as our tutor and it was an honor to have you as a teacher and as a friend. Thank you!

English language Teacher


University of Benghazi

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