Sawsan Yussuf Shabara

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Teaching is not a way of lecturing. It’s a process of leading, engaging and supporting students to gain knowledge. This is what has been proved on the How to Teach IELTS course. My main aim was to be more qualified in teaching IELTS and to have more experience in this field. However, it may help me if I want to pass the exam myself. This is what exactly happened. It’s like two courses in one. This course changed our traditional prospects about the ILETS exam preparation. It’s not only about the more practice you give to your students, it’s about the skills, strategies and techniques which will help them have a clear understanding of the different kinds of questions they may find in order to pass the exam and get their desired bands in all the receptive and productive skills of language.

As teachers, we always seek to enhance our professional knowledge and skills. This won’t happen without the guidance from professional, supporting, accountable and valued educational leaders like Dr. Shady R. Abuyusuf. Teachers should not miss any opportunity for upgrading and developing themselves and this course is an opportunity to be seized.

English Language Teacher

Damietta, Egypt

Ganat Alatfal Schools

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