Sherif Esam

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When I graduated from the faculty of arts English department, my English was pretty good so I thought to myself I should try teaching. I started working at a language center but it was a complete failure because I knew nothing about teaching methods, I was speaking fluently in the class saying difficult words and speaking very fast and I was trying to teach them every thing  knew.  I didn’t know what I was doing inside the class so i was not approachable because they were just pre-intermediate students !! I hated teaching back then and left the centre. Afterwards, I spent a year doing my military service, then  started working in different jobs. At that time I was fed up with working at places I didn’t like so I went to Dr.Shady Abuyusuf and that was a turning point in my life. He told me a bout the TEFL course and that’s where my life started to change I discovered I knew nothing about teaching … after the course,  Dr. Abuyusuf recommended me to a job at Future University In Egypt. I got the job thanks to what we have learnt on this course and now I work in one of the most renowned and respectful universities in Egypt with a lot of great professional people. The TEFL also was a spring board to the CELTA as it helped me get a pass B. If it weren’t for that course I wouldn’t have made it through the observations and assessments. In a nutshell it was a life changing experience.

ESL Teacher

New Cairo, Egypt

Future University in Egypt

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