Sonja Campbell-Gillies Brown

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Mr Albuyusuf was my Tutor and Mentor during a CELTA Course in South Africa. Not only were we introduced to aspects of teaching that none of us had considered, but classes were turned into churning, investigative, fun studies of language and pedagogie.

This Egyptian man, a scholar and master of the English language, introduced us to a world within and without as we practised our dreams of becoming teachers in a field that would bring new horizons to learners and lend purpose to our lives as tutors.


Was the Course full of answers? No. Mr. Abuyusuf masterfully made it possible for us to ask the questions, do the research and discover knowledge that left us thirsty for more.


I will never forget learning from Mr. Abuyusuf and refer to my memories of his teaching methods on a daily basis.  I strive to be the kind of teacher he was to me and the rest of my colleagues.


Thank you Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Novelist & English Language Teacher

Durban, South Africa

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