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Mohammed Alaa Elsayed

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After shifting to teaching, I have always been perplexed by how languages should be taught. Teaching is inherently elusive, ephemeral and slippery. I can do just about anything and call it teaching, but what is the one method that guarantees results will be yielded and actual proficiency will be attained eventually? So, I have delved into books, and engrossed in lots of research. I’ve read parts of books for renowned ELTS educators like Scrivener and Thornbury, but I’ve never gained an insight into how to teach, how to function and move inside the class, how to deliver lessons of any genre or even how to teach vocabulary. I deemed myself so ignorant and doomed myself to failure. Then, I’ve heard about Shady, heard myths and stories about one hellava educator whose English is uncannily impeccable. I’ve even been told that he is unrivaled and uncontested. Someone said verbatim: “You’ll never find a teacher or a speaker like Shady”. I said that’s an extravagant claim. No one is that grand. But then, I took TEFL classes with him. Trust me when I say that these claims are real. Every sound he pronounces, every word he utters, and every lesson he gives, completely lacerates and kills the one before. You’d never believe that he is even Egyptian and I consider him a paradigm of professionalism and impeccability. And his spouse, Madam Zeze, is a truly cordial and supportive person, she had my back during dire times during the course when I experienced some of the dreadful contingencies in my professional career. Also the assistant course tutors, Mr. Esmail, Ms. Hala and Mr. Mohamed, provided me with unwavering support and affection, and never withheld a piece of information from me. I also need to thank Islam I can tell y’all about his story, but I’ll leave that for him to narrate. It’s as awe-inspiring, enticing and inspirational as he is. One day, I’ll be the next Shady.

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