Awarding Bodies

Cambridge Assessment English

Centre No: 0234F

Britishey Training Centre stands as a prestigious Cambridge Assessment teacher development centre, committed to nurturing educators with top-tier instruction. Offering CELT-S, CELT-P, and Train the Trainer courses, they ensure educators are well-equipped to tackle diverse classroom challenges. As a sought-after institution, Britishey focuses on empowering teachers by refining their skills in primary and secondary education, along with leadership development. By completing these impeccable programs, educators emerge as competent, confident professionals, ready to make a profound impact in the world of teaching and learning. Trust Britishey Training Centre to stride forward in your educational journey.

Euroexams International

Exam Centre

Britishey Training Centre, a distinguished educational institution, proudly stands as an accredited centre for Euroexam International, enhancing its already sterling reputation. By offering these prestigious European language assessments, Britishey equips its students with valuable language skills needed to excel in global contexts. With a commitment to providing high-quality resources and professional instructors, the centre propels learners towards achieving their academic and professional goals. This partnership between Britishey and Euroexam International represents a seamless integration of expert knowledge, facilitating the success of students from diverse backgrounds in today’s competitive global landscape.

Learning Resource Network

Centre No: OC0176

Britishey Training Centre, a premier educational institution, has embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with Learning Resource Network (LRN), a renowned British Awarding Organisation. This partnership solidifies Britishey’s commitment to delivering top-notch educational content and elevating the skillsets of learners worldwide. As an LRN validated course provider, the centre will offer a diverse range of internationally recognised courses designed to empower students with the knowledge and expertise required to excel professionally. Together, Britishey and LRN are dedicated to providing unparalleled learning experiences and fostering academic excellence that will ultimately drive students’ success in today’s competitive global market.

London Teacher Training College

Centre No: 60166/23

Britishey Training Centre takes immense pride in announcing its esteemed status as an approved centre for the renowned London Teacher Training College. By collaborating with this prestigious educational institution, we have successfully bridged geographical boundaries to bring their exceptional teacher training programmes right here to Egypt. Talented individuals seeking a career in education can now access world-class training courses and guidelines, without having to leave the country. With a focus on maintaining the highest standards of pedagogy, Britishey Training Centre aims to empower aspiring educators, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and resources required to excel in the dynamic field of teaching.

Occupational English Test

Preparation Provider

Britishey Training Centre, a renowned educational institution, takes pride in being an authorised Occupational English Test (OET) preparation provider. Offering specialised courses, expert trainers, and high-quality learning materials, it caters to healthcare professionals aiming to enhance their English proficiency in line with global industry demands. By focusing on practical language skills, tailored to the healthcare setting, Britishey ensures students are well-equipped for their OET exams. Graduates from the centre consistently secure high scores, testament to its impactful teaching methods and dedication to student success – a shining beacon for aspiring healthcare professionals worldwide.

Training Qualifications UK

Centre No: 14837661955

Britishey Training Centre stands out as an esteemed international centre for Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), offering world-class OFQUAL-regulated TEFL and Diploma in TESOL programs alongside an array of TQUK endorsed courses. Committed to empowering aspiring educators, Britishey equips individuals with cutting-edge methodologies and practical skills, moulding them into competent teachers in the global arena. Steeped in excellence, the institution remains dedicated to maintaining rigorous standards, ensuring that its graduates are adept at addressing diverse linguistic and cultural contexts, thereby fostering effective English language education worldwide.

Trinity College London

Centre No: 69545

Britishey Training Centre proudly stands as a distinguished Trinity College London course provider, offering the highly regarded CertPT (Certificate for Practising Teachers) program. This esteemed partnership empowers educators to further refine their teaching abilities and demonstrate professional competence. With a strong focus on practical application and learner-centred approaches, the CertPT course cultivates a dynamic educational environment. Participants can expect to experience not only academic growth but also increased confidence in their teaching methodologies. By completing the CertPT program, teachers enhance their credentials and contribute to their continuing professional development—making a tangible impact on the global education landscape.