Training Alghad Almoshreq Institution’s English Language Staff

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We are ecstatic to announce that Britishey Training Centre will be offering a specially customised online teacher training course for the esteemed English language staff of Alghad Almoshreq Institution. This innovative collaboration will feature the top-notch TQUK-endorsed Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) for Young Learners which will further enhance the teaching prowess of the diligent educators at Alghad Almoshreq Institution.

Alghad Almoshreq Institution has always been known for its commitment to providing an unmatched educational experience for their students. With management that consistently sets high standards for excellence, the institution has garnered a well-deserved reputation unmatched by its peers. The English language staff of Alghad Almoshreq Institution are a shining example of professionalism, dedication, and innovation in the world of education.

The TQUK-endorsed Level 5 Certificate in TEFL for Young Learners offered by Britishey Training Centre is an intensive 130-hour course that covers a wide range of essential teaching concepts – from lesson planning and classroom management to teaching methodology and language analysis. Our comprehensive course allows educators to unlock their full potential as they work towards shaping the young minds of tomorrow.

To top this exceptional offering, our course is accredited by Training Qualifications United Kingdom (TQUK), a highly respected awarding body. With TQUK’s endorsement, the Level 5 Certificate in TEFL represents esteemed international recognition for the English language teachers at Alghad Almoshreq Institution.

We are confident that our partnership with Alghad Almoshreq Institution will result in a lasting, positive impact on the professional development of their English language staff. This collaboration is a shining example of the institution’s progressive approach to education and their unwavering commitment to nurturing the talents of their educators.

We, at Britishey Training Centre, are proud to be a part of empowering the fantastic educators at Alghad Almoshreq Institution and look forward to playing an integral role in driving their continuous growth and success.

For more information about the TQUK-endorsed Level 5 Certificate in TEFL for Young Learners, please visit the following link:

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