Certificate in How to Teach Literature

London teacher training college

Fees: 6000 EGP

Duration: 60 hours

Mode of Study: Face to Face / Blended / Fully Online

Nature: Part Time / Full Time


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The CHTL course aims to prepare teachers for the specific challenges of teaching literature. This course is in high demand since many schools around the world are now focusing on teaching literature as part of their syllabi.

The course is specifically designed to help teaching different types of literature. Ideally the candidate should have some previous experience teaching English to adults as the course is not about teaching language but about
teaching English literature.

Course Components

Britishey Input Sessions

In these input sessions, candidates learn how to teach literature using nine different frameworks. They also receive specific sessions focussing on how to teach drama, poetry, novels, graphic novels, etc. In addition to this, candidates attend workshops on original pronunciation in order to be able to pronounce Shakespearean works accurately. They also study the effective techniques of lecturing and writing essays.

Course Assessment

Candidates are assessed during this course via delivering four teaching practices on different genres of literature.