Conversation for Young Learners

Britishey training centre course

Duration: 32 hours per level

Lesson Hours: 2 hours – 3 hours including breaks

Timetable: two days or three days a week

Minimum Age: 5 – 12 Years Old

Entry Level: Beginner to Advanced

Class Size: Average 12, maximum 15

Mode of Study: Face to Face / Fully Online

Nature: Part Time / Full Time


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Converastion For YL

Conversation for Young Learners

Make your children great in communicating with others in English language.


About course

The “Conversation for Young Learners” course at Britishey Training Centre is designed to help children aged 6-12 develop their English language communication skills. This course focuses on stimulating young learners’ curiosity and encouraging them to express themselves confidently and effectively in English. With our highly qualified and experienced trainers, we provide an engaging and interactive environment where students can acquire the essential building blocks for effective spoken communication.

Why Conversation for Young Learners?

While learning English as a second language, it is crucial for young learners to acquire conversational skills from an early age. Developing confidence and fluency in speaking improves their overall language abilities and helps them succeed academically and socially. Moreover, practicing conversation allows children to enhance their listening, comprehension, and pronunciation skills essential for their future.

Course Content

The “Conversation for Young Learners” course at Britishey Training Centre covers a wide range of age-appropriate topics designed to engage the students’ interest and expand their vocabulary. These topics include:

1. Introductions and greetings

2. Friends, family, and personal interests

3. Everyday activities

4. School life and surroundings

5. Describing places, things, and events

6. Hobbies and leisure activities

7. Weather, seasons, and holidays

8. Cultural and social themes

In addition to these key areas, the course uses games, group discussions, and presentations as interactive tools which simulate real-life scenarios to enhance creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork.

Why Sign up for this Course with Britishey

Joining the “Conversation for Young Learners” course at Britishey Training Centre offers a number of benefits that set us apart from others:

1. Expert Trainers: Our trainers are qualified and experienced in teaching English as a second language to young learners, applying dynamic and interactive methods to ensure the best outcomes.

2. Engaging Environment: We provide a safe and accepting environment that fosters learning and growth, enabling students to practice their conversational skills without fear or apprehension.

3. Customized Learning: The course content is tailored to the individual needs and skills of each learner, ensuring a more personalized learning experience.

4. Progress Monitoring: Our trainers continuously track and assess each student’s progress, providing constructive feedback and guidance that leads to improved communication skills.

5. Strong Reputation: Britishey Training Centre is known for its high-quality language courses, having helped countless students develop and refine their English speaking abilities. By enrolling with us, you ensure that your child is in capable hands.

Begin your child’s journey to confident English conversation with the “Conversation for Young Learners” course at Britishey Training Centre. Enrich their learning experience and provide them with the essential tools to excel in their future.