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What you’ll learn

Learn to speak intermediate English with perfect grammar!

Use natural native speaker English pronunciation

Use advanced conditionals including past modals (vital to speak English fluently).

Practise and learn English speaking throughout the course

Improve your listening ! Learn all the native speaker pronunciation

Improve your listening ! Learn all native English speaking pronunciation


Intermediate level of English as a second language

Students who really want to speak English fluently!

Students who are prepared to participate 100% with this English speaking course!


Do you feel frustrated when listening to English native speakers?

Is it super difficult to understand English native speakers for you?

Do you feel anxious or nervous when you try to communicate with English native speakers in a professional situation?

Well, we are here to tell you it is NOT YOUR FAULT … all the English you studied in high school or a private language school never prepared you correctly, they never teach the little secrets of speaking that help you understand and communicate with native speakers.

Normally it is necessary to spend years and years of listening to English and guessing, and trying to understand native speakers, this is a very slow and frustrating process for many people.

People feel very frustrated with this situation because in a professional situation it is very embarrassing, people feel worried about their professional credibility because of their English.

Work and jobs are more and more competitive in today’s world...

If you want to advance in your career and professional life and to be an important person in the company you need to be ready to communicate on the phone or in meetings with English native speakers.

if you can be the person in the room that is able to communicate in English professionally, you will probably have a 60% better Salary.

Britishey Conversation Programme

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