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IN EGYPT THE EUROEXAMS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH BRITISHEY TRAINING CENTRE. If you’re looking for an internationally recognized English exam that tests your ability to use the language to communicate, then look no further than the Euroexams.

The Euroexams take a practical approach to language testing by focusing on candidates’ ability to communicate effectively in their everyday life, work, and studies. At whichever level you decide to take the exam, you will be focusing on improving your four communicative skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The Euroexams are available in three variants: Euroexam General English – for everyday use, EuroPro – for Business and Professional purposes and Euroexam Academic – for students targeting university study in English. Euroexam International offers an unprecedented range of support materials including preparation coursebooks, free-of-charge e-learning courses and online practice tests.

THE EUROEXAMS Euroexam International’s principal examinations

Euroexam General English Levels – A1; A2; B1; B2; C1 EuroPro (Business and Professional purposes) English Levels – B1; B2; C1 Euroexam Academic English Level –

Meeting University English Language Requirements

The Euroexams are accepted by universities throughout Europe as meeting requirements for international student’s direct entry to degree courses. Following their 2018 comprehensive evaluation of Euroexam International, UK NARIC, the UK Government agency responsible for recognition and comparison of international qualifications.

Meeting workplace English Language Requirements

The EuroPro English language exam is for employees whose organizations require certificates of English for business and professional purposes. The Euroexam Business English exams are offered at

International Recognition

  • The Euroexams are State-Accredited in many of the countries they are available in and accredited by leading international language organisations.
  • ‘High level exam security and transparent evaluation processes. Euroexam International is a trustworthy,
  • professional international organisation.’
  • ICC Accreditation, Quality Assurance Report, 2018

  • Exam Quality


    Meet International Standards In The Field Of Language Assessment And Provide A Consistently Reliable Assessment Of Candidates’ Level Of Proficiency
    Undergo A Rigorous Process Of Quality Checks, Including Pre-Tests And Reviews By Expert Judges
    Write And Read Basic Business Reports, Faxes, And Memos
    Are Assessed By Trained And Standardized Examiners And Speaking And Writing Tests Are Always Double-Marked For Consistency And Reliability
    Are Validated Through A Variety Of Methods, Such As Statistical Test Analyses And Problem-Specific Task Groups.
    Are Fair To All Candidates Irrespective Of Their Cultural Background
    Results and Certification

    Results: Each of the four papers carries equal weight in all Euroexams. The scores for each of the four paper as well as the overall results are reported using a 100-point scale. The scores are reported on the Euroexam International certificate as a percentage. The Euroexam Certificate: The Euroexam International Certificate is a 4-page A5 printed document: