Diploma in TESOL

Take the next step after your CELTA or CertTESOL or TQUK TEFL and move yourself up to a level-six OFQUAL teaching qualification from TQUK.

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TQUK TESOL, a division of Training Qualifications UK, offers internationally recognised TESOL certifications that provide flexibility with online and in-class options. Their courses cater to beginners and experienced teachers, covering essential topics and advanced teaching techniques. With dedicated tutors and a wide range of teaching resources, students receive personalised support throughout their learning journey. Upon completion, students receive a globally recognised certificate, enhancing their employment prospects worldwide. TQUK Diploma in TESOL is the ideal choice for those seeking who finished a level-five certificate in Teaching such as CELTA, CertTESOL or TQUK TEFL.

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Diploma in TESOL

A level-six OFQUAL-regulated diploma for teaching English to speakers of other languages



Britishey Training Centre Diploma in TESOL Course is assessed through a combination of coursework and practical teaching experience. Coursework includes assignments, lesson plans that demonstrate participants’ understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the methodologies taught and teaching practice. The practical component of the assessment requires participants to teach and analyse their lessons, allowing them to receive valuable feedback on their implementation of the methods learned in the course.