A Practical English Course / Procopie P. ClonŃea, Cristina Nicolae, Valentina Georgescu and Amalia Mărăsescu

This book is intended for the Romanian university students of English as a first or second subject, but it can also be a useful tool for any person willing to learn or improve their oral and written English. Its main purpose is to develop the four basic skills of English language usage by means of a wide variety of everyday topics in dialogue form, original or adapted literary and scientific texts, as well as vocabulary building exercises. Each of the twelve units of the book is divided into two sections. The first focuses on the conversational level of English, including an extended thematic dialogue followed by several speaking activities built around a series of language functions, and an informative text on several key facts of British culture and civilization. The second section begins with a narrative text related to the topic of the whole unit and continues with explanatory vocabulary notes. Four types of exercises encompassing the general purpose of the course are further included: writing and comprehension exercises (meant to check the understanding of the text), vocabulary building exercises, essay writing and, respectively, reading exercises. At the end of the book is listed a two-thousand-word vocabulary whose thematically grouped lexical items illustrating the twelve topics of the units are adequately explained in English and Romanian. A final brief theoretical presentation of the main aspects of essay writing provides the necessary tools for elaborating a coherent and well-structured essay. All in all, A Practical English Course has been mainly conceived as an instrument for class activities meant to bring variety in the English acquisition process, but it may prove equally useful for individual study. Finally, special credit is due to Dr. Andrew J. Blake, Associate Head at School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London, who has kindly proofread all the dialogues and suggested quite a few necessary changes to make them more idiomatic and realistic. Our thanks also go to our colleagues at the English Department of Piteşti University, Dr. Alina Miu and Drd. Cristina Arsene-Onu, for their useful pieces of advice and steady support.

Categories: Coursebooks
Tags: Practical

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