English Pronunciation Teaching and Research – Contemporary Perspectives / Martha C. Pennington and Pamela Rogerson-Revell

This book is the product of a collaboration between two pronunciation specialists, one educated and based in the United Kingdom (Rogerson- Revell) and one in the United States (Pennington). We got to know each other and our common interest and work in pronunciation as colleagues in the English Department of City University (then Polytechnic) of Hong Kong under the Headship of Professor Jack C. Richards in the 1990s, and since that time, we have remained in touch and kept interacting about our work. It was therefore natural that we became partners in this book project, first commissioned by Prof. Chris Candlin with Martha and later reconceptualized as a coauthored work combining our two different orientations and backgrounds and incorporating a wide range of knowledge and perspectives on pronunciation teaching and research. We have written this book aiming to present a novel, state-of-the-art and issues-centered view of the teaching of English pronunciation that also connects teaching to research. There are many books available on pronunciation, including textbooks for teachers with practical teaching ideas and introductory books on phonology and phonetics. However, there is still little that has been written which brings together research and teaching or relates pronunciation to wider contexts. This book aims to fill this gap, helping teachers to see the relevance of research to teaching and presenting phonology in a wide-angle view as a crucial component of communication, identity, and the presentation of self.

Categories: Applied Linguistics, Pronunciation
Tags: Pronunciation, Research

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