Theories in Second Language Acquisition – an Introduction / Bill VanPatten & Jessica Williams

This book focuses on a number of contemporary mainstream theories in second language acquisition (SLA) research that have generated attention among scholars. For several decades, the field of SLA has struggled with the nature of theories, what they are, and what would be an “acceptable” theory of SLA. Indeed, the present volume draws on one particular publication by Michael Long in a special issue of the TESOL Quarterly from 1990 devoted to the construction of a theory in SLA. In that article, Long discussed the nature of what a theory needs to be in SLA and also summarized the research to establish “the least” a theory of SLA needs to explain. We borrow from Long’s article in our first chapter to outline the challenges to contemporary theories and list 10 observations that need to be accounted for on theoretical grounds.

Categories: Teacher Education
Tags: ESL, TESOL, Theories

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