First of all, it’s really my pleasure to have my TEFL course in such a great edifice. Actually, I don’t trust online classes, and I think that they’re not effective enough, but with Britishey, I’m having another opinion.

Honestly, Dr. Shady has surprised us with his professionalism, knowledge, and dedication, which contribute to absorbing the content of the course in a nice and creative way, along with his sense of humour and his friendly way of facilitating the challenging points and also providing the required materials and videos to be a good reference. It was really a fruitful experience, which is why I strongly recommend Britishey Training Centre.

I can’t forget Dr.Ghada; she is a very active and dedicated person who never gets bored of clarifying things again and again.

I am extremely grateful to my tutor, Mr. Sami, who is always helpful, guiding, encouraging, and supportive.

Thank you so much, all of the team, for your great effort.

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