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Diane Davenport Hoggins is an esteemed educator and language professional with a wealth of experience in English language teaching, teacher training, and examination. With a diverse background and a commitment to excellence, Diane has made significant contributions to the field of education both in Australia and internationally.

Diane's educational journey began with a Bachelor of Science Honours in Zoology from the University of Tasmania in 1976, followed by a Diploma of Education specializing in High School Science and Mathematics in 1979. She furthered her academic pursuits with a Master of Arts in TESOL from the University of Technology, Sydney, in 2016, solidifying her expertise in language education.

Her professional qualifications include being a Cambridge CELTA Trainer/Assessor, having completed her training at the University of Technology College in Sydney. Diane has also served as an IELTS Examiner for over three decades, bringing a wealth of experience to the assessment of English language proficiency.

Throughout her career, Diane has been deeply involved in teacher training and development. Since 2004, she has served as a CELTA Teacher Trainer (MCT/ACT)/Assessor at UTS College, University of Technology, Sydney, where she has played a pivotal role in designing and delivering CELTA courses and mentoring aspiring educators. Additionally, Diane has conducted freelance CELTA training in various locations worldwide, including Lebanon, Egypt, India, South Africa, and Latvia.

Diane's commitment to professional development is evident in her participation in numerous conferences and training programs. She has presented at conferences such as the English Australia Conference in Melbourne and the Cambridge English Teaching Awards Symposia in various locations worldwide, where she has shared her expertise on topics ranging from 'non-native speaker' teacher confidence to CELTA assessments and learner-centredness.

In addition to her roles in teacher training, Diane has extensive experience as an English language teacher. She has taught English language courses to students from diverse backgrounds at UTS College, focusing on Academic English, IELTS preparation, and General English. Her dedication to cross-cultural communication and education is reflected in her work designing and delivering ESP courses and cross-cultural communication programs.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Diane is recognised for her exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, as well as her exemplary time management and prioritization abilities. She is known for her dedication to achieving set goals and exceeding expectations, and her positive outlook and dedication to growth mindset inspire those around her.

Diane Davenport Hoggins remains a respected figure in the field of English language education, admired for her dedication to excellence, commitment to professional development, and passion for empowering learners and educators alike.



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