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Kholoud Alfaumy is a motivated English trainer dedicated to advancing her skills and expertise in teaching. With a strong background in language education, she seeks continuous development and growth in various teaching areas.

Currently, Kholoud serves as an ESL instructor at Britishey Training Center, where she teaches English to kids and teens both online and offsite. Leveraging her expertise, she creates dynamic and engaging learning experiences for her students, ensuring their progress and success in language acquisition.

In addition to her role as an ESL instructor, Kholoud contributes to the development of teachers as an Assistant Course Tutor at a Kids Training Center affiliated with Britishey Training Center. Here, she evaluates teachers' performance in teaching courses like TEFL, providing valuable feedback and guidance to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom.

Kholoud's commitment to professional growth is reflected in her educational achievements. She holds a Diploma in Teacher Training from the London Teacher Training College and has completed specialised courses in TEFL, YL, and Grammar for English Teachers, earning a Pass A certification from the London Teacher Training College and Cambridge Assessment English.

Driven by her passion for teaching and her dedication to continuous learning, Kholoud Alfaumy strives for excellence in her role as an English trainer. Her multifaceted experience and commitment to professional development make her a valuable asset to the field of language education.



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