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Aya Badr is an accomplished CELTA tutor at Britishey Training Centre, where she brings over seven years of experience in English teaching and teacher training. Her journey in the field of education began with her role as an English Teacher at various institutions, including OTO, MITQ, Best Step Centre KSA, and the Egyptian Virtual Academy. Throughout her career, Aya has demonstrated her commitment to creating a safe and conducive learning environment for students of different levels, ages, and backgrounds.

In her current position as a CELTA tutor at Britishey Training Centre, Aya plays a crucial role in training teachers, both novice and experienced, in the art and science of English language teaching. Her responsibilities include delivering high-quality training sessions, providing feedback and guidance to trainees, and promoting autonomy to enhance students' learning opportunities. Aya is dedicated to empowering teachers to develop their skills and strategies, thereby positively impacting their students' learning outcomes.

Aya's extensive educational background includes certifications from prestigious institutions such as Trinity College London and the London Teacher Training College. She holds a Dip.TESOL qualification, Train The Trainer certification, and various certificates in TEFL and educational management. Aya's continuous pursuit of professional development reflects her dedication to staying updated with the latest teaching methodologies and best practices in the field.

Beyond her role as a CELTA tutor, Aya is known for her strong leadership skills, effective communication, and ability to work collaboratively in a team environment. She is proficient in various software applications, including MS Office, and possesses a keen interest in research and training.

In summary, Aya Badr's tenure as a CELTA tutor at Britishey Training Centre showcases her passion for teaching and teacher education. Through her expertise, dedication, and commitment to lifelong learning, Aya continues to make a significant impact on the professional development of English language educators, ultimately benefiting the students they serve.



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