Launching Two Parallel TQUK OFQUAL TEFL Courses at Britishey Training Centre

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As a renowned institution, Britishey Training Centre is committed to providing stellar educational opportunities for aspiring English language educators. We’re excited to announce the latest developments in our Teacher Training division. Due to the overwhelming interest in our TQUK OFQUAL TEFL courses, we’re launching two parallel sessions that will cater to a greater number of teachers seeking professional growth. Participants will have the chance to enhance their teaching skills and receive globally recognised certifications, which open up countless opportunities for their teaching careers.


The TQUK OFQUAL-accredited TEFL course is a prestigious program that has been crafted to train the next generation of English language educators. The accreditation ensures the highest standard of education provided by well-established institutions like Britishey Training Centre. The course covers a comprehensive set of topics, designed to equip teachers with practical and theoretical knowledge in language teaching methodologies, classroom management, lesson planning, and more.

Expanding Our Reach with Parallel Courses

In response to the demand from the vast community of educators eager to join the Britishey family, we’re excited to offer two parallel TEFL courses. This expansion will provide our trainees with more options and flexibility in terms of scheduling and interaction, ensuring that their experience is catered to their individual needs.

Benefits for Teachers in this Program

By joining one of our parallel TEFL courses, participants will receive the following benefits:

1. Quality Instruction: Trainees will be guided by highly experienced and certified trainers who possess a deep understanding of the TEFL curriculum and have a proven track record of fostering success among their students.

2. Flexible Scheduling: With the two parallel courses, teachers can find a timetable that works best for their schedules, promoting work-life balance.

3. Networking Opportunities: As part of Britishey’s TEFL program, participants will get the chance to interact with other English language educators from around the world, sharing experiences and best practices while building a valuable support network.

4. Career Advancement: The TQUK OFQUAL TEFL certification is globally recognised, making graduates highly sought-after by language schools and educational institutions worldwide.

5. Ongoing Support: Britishey Training Centre is dedicated to providing our TEFL graduates with resources and support long after they complete the course, ensuring their continued professional development.

Enrolment and Course Details

Please visit our course page to find all the necessary details regarding the enrolment process, course schedules, and fees for the parallel TEFL courses. We encourage prospective teachers to act quickly and secure their places, as the seats are limited and expected to fill up fast.


The expansion of our TEFL programs with parallel courses is an essential part of our mission to empower English language educators and facilitate their professional growth. We have worked diligently to maintain the high-quality standards that Britishey Training Centre is known for and are excited to offer these opportunities to a wider group of educators.

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