Being the king of the jungle is not the only profession the lion has. The king even has wonderful functions to play in the English language.
So when you say for example:
This man is a real lion my friend.
الراجل ده مهم وناجح جداً يا صاحبي / الراجل ده واصل جداً يا صاحبي.
Even where the lion lives can be used in English to express another meaning:
Working in this department is like entering the lion’s den.
اللي يشتغل في القسم ده آخرته وحشه.
Not only the den but also the food the lion eats has a linguistic role to play:
This company has the lion’s share of mobile phone sales in Africa.
الشركة دي آخده نصيب الأسد من مبيعات الموبيلات في أفريقيا.
But the king of the jungle can have some more negative linguistic functions as well. Think about this:
I am trying to get this business done but there is a lion in the way.
بحاول أخلص الشغلانة دي بس في خازوق طالعلي في النص 😂😂😂
A: Why has Jack framed Solomon?
B: Well, someone should have been fed to the lions.
أ: ليه چاك لبس سليمان الليلة دي؟
ب: بص، كان لازم يضحوا بحد.
I think you are putting your head in the lion’s mouth by telling the manager about this.
لو قلت للمدير على الموضوع ده هيبقى كأنك حطيت راسك في بؤ الأسد.
Why are you working for this big company, move to a smaller one and get a better position. Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.
إيه اللي مشغلك في الشركة الكبيرة دي؟ اتنقل لشركة اصغر وخد وضعك فيها، راس كلب ياعم احسن من ديل أسد.
I see you keep reminding Gamal of how he was treated at the conference. Stop twisting the lion’s tail.
إنت عمال بتفكر جمال بالطريقة اللي عاملوه بيها في المؤتمر ليه؟ يا جدع انت بطل تلعب في ديل الأسد. ( بطل تنكشه)
Another usage can be traced back to David the prophet PBUH who, as mentioned in the Bible, grasped a lion by the beard and killed it for stealing one of his lamps. And based on this story, you can say:
Look man, if you want this cash, then you need to beard the lion.
بص يابني، لو عايز الفلوس دي، يبقى تحل المصيبة دي بنفسك.
Now the lion has become an important symbol in English language to the degree that it has a verb form. However, this form is used in written English more than spoken English. You may say, for example:
Why are you lionising him?! He is just a new actor.
إنت مالك بتعظم فيه كده ليه؟ ده لسه ممثل جديد.
Damn I took a lot of time writing this and forgot about my wife’s grocery list, I have to leave now; I don’t wanna put my head in the lion’s mouth. 😂😂😂

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