London Teacher Training College: Fostering Excellence in Teacher Training with Britishey Training Centre

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Hello, fellow educators and future teachers!

We, at Britishey Training Centre, are proud to represent the renowned London Teacher Training College (LTTC) as their validated course provider in Egypt. Since joining forces in 2016, our fruitful collaboration has brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise right to the heart of Cairo, providing Egypt with internationally accredited teacher training programmes. 

From the outset, London Teacher Training College has demonstrated the utmost professionalism and dedication to nurture and support the capabilities of educators in Egypt. With their wealth of experience in providing high-quality, innovative teacher training across the globe, LTTC has been a driving force behind our success at Britishey. 

Together with LTTC, we have been able to deliver an exemplary range of courses and qualifications that cater to the needs of aspiring English language teachers, as well as experienced educators looking to enhance their teaching skills further. Our work with LTTC demonstrates the importance of premium teacher training programmes in shaping the future of education in our country and worldwide.

LTTC’s history of training teachers since 1984 speaks for its commitment to offering cutting-edge content through a variety of delivery methods. Their extensive range of courses, including the Diploma in TESOL, Diploma in Business English Teaching, and Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners, have empowered countless teachers to embark on fulfilling and successful careers. 

As their validated course provider in Egypt, Britishey’s partnership with LTTC has allowed us to offer these excellent programmes tailored to the unique regional context of the Middle East. We are grateful for the collaboration between our organizations, which has paved the way for creating a thriving community of well-equipped teachers.

The support we receive from London Teacher Training College goes beyond just offering courses and certification. They provide us with constant mentorship, ensuring that our team of highly skilled trainers is always up-to-date with the latest pedagogical developments and teaching approaches. This enables us to empower our trainee teachers to create positive learning environments and, ultimately, shape the future of education in Egypt.

We at Britishey Training Centre are proud to work hand-in-hand with LTTC as we together continue to foster a new generation of skilled, passionate educators. Their unwavering professionalism and commitment to quality have helped us deliver exceptional teacher training programmes that bring true value to our community and beyond.

As we move forward, we are excited to celebrate many more years of collaboration with London Teacher Training College, offering unparalleled teacher training to the educators of tomorrow in Egypt and further advancing the field of education.

Learn more about our partnership and the London Teacher Training College at, and join the journey towards enhancing your teaching skills with the support and guidance of experts in the field.

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