New Friday / Saturday TEFL Classes

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Oi there, lovely people! 😊

We’re proper chuffed to announce that the fantastic new Friday and Saturday TEFL classes at Britishey Training Centre kicked off on the 3rd of June! Big shoutout to all those smashing candidates who took the plunge to continue their professional development – you’re a bunch of legends! 👏

Now, in case you’re wondering, our new students have joined the well-renowned TQUK TEFL at Britishey. If you fancy a bit of #TEFLlife yourself, let us spill the beans on some of the ace advantages this course brings. 🌟

First off, you’ll be learning from the best in the biz – top-notch trainers who’ve got more experience than your nan’s got stories. You’ll be in safe hands as they guide you through the ins ‘n’ outs of teaching English as a foreign language. 🤓

Not only are the trainers top-quality, but the course itself is highly interactive and engaging. You’ll have a right laugh as you learn, and you’ll never clock watch again. Time flies when you’re having fun, innit? 😄

Plus, completing this TEFL course opens up some brilliant opportunities. You can spread your wings and teach all over the globe, or stay close to your roots and make a difference in your community. The world’s your oyster, mate! 🌍

In a nutshell, joining the TQUK TEFL at Britishey is a smashing way to up your game and snag a world of opportunities. So, make yourself a cuppa, and come have a chat with the Britishey team to learn how to get involved. You won’t be disappointed, promise! 😉


The Britishey Training Centre Squad

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