Online TEFL Course

I hope that you’re doing just fine.

I am having such a great experience so far. I know now many terminologies related to teaching English; it has given me more confidence as I teach, and I’ve applied many techniques, and it worked like a charm.

I would like to share a funny incident that I’ve had with Dr.Shdy. A few years ago, back in 2017, I met Mr.Shady at the Britishey Banha branch. I went there to apply to be one of his team members at the Banha branch. We had such a lovely meeting. He asked me some questions. Then he told me you must get a TEFL course first, as I need it. I’ll provide it for you, and then you can start working with me immediately. Unfortunately, I was so busy that I couldn’t take the course at this time. A few years later, I moved cities and started working in Cairo. I wanted to take the TEFEL course, and then a lot of my colleagues recommended that I join Mr. Sahdy’s course. As it’s very useful. The place is very professional. The course is great, as is his staff.

In a nutshell, I’ve heard that Mr.Shady kept working on himself and worked on his centre and the whole staff, and more importantly, he worked on the module to make it the best version ever, so I am glad that I’ve joined this year.

There’s a specific tutor I need to thank, which is Mr.Ramy. Actually, he is not my tutor, but he helped me a lot when it came to feedback and assisting with assignments. One last thing to add, even though I’ve sent Mr.Shady a concern that I had during the course. Mr.Shady responded immediately and solved this issue right away without any persecution or anything. That means that they are very professional.

Thank you. 

Sara Abdelrahman.

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