TEFL Ofqual

This is Shaimaa Ahmad. I’m enrolled in the TEFL course at Britishy Training Centre.
Honestly, my teacher, Ahmad Atef, advised me to take this course. It’s been a very amazing experience. I’ve learned a lot so far. My team is very helpful and active. I learned a lot from them. The sessions are fun and have lots of fruitful information. Dr.Shady provides us with all the materials, videos, assessments, and techniques. I gained a treasure in my profession and in life. for this modern age, which depends on technology. I have a great deal of experience with technology and teaching online using modern apps. It’s like a challenge to me. You always learn new things. The most important thing is that we apply all what we’ve provided at the input sessions at “Teaching Practise”. They helped and guided us all the time.I thank Dr. Shady for this great opportunity. He is an amazing trainer.
I thank Dr. Ghada; she is a great trainer too. She is very helpful and active.
Also, I thank my tutor, Mr. Sami, who is very helpful, supportive, and always there.

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