Understand Body Language (Teach Yourself) / Gordon Wainwright

Language is about communication. We tend to think that means spoken, but you may be surprised to learn that 90 per cent of what we communicate with each other is unspoken, in the form of non-verbal 'signals' we give each other through eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, postures and a variety of sounds and other sensory cues. This is the language of the body. We use it all the time, some of us more effectively than others, and a lot of the time without even realizing we are using it. We start learning it in childhood, just as we learn to speak our own mother tongue by picking up words and meanings from our parents and those around us. But the difference is that while mistakes in our spoken language tend to be corrected, they can be missed, or misinterpreted, in our body language - so you can grow up not realizing you are communicating badly, or ineffectively. Hence the reason for this book.

Categories: Culture
Tags: body language

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