Teacher’s Knowledge of Frameworks (TKF)

Britishey training centre & London Teacher Training College Test

Fees: 1500 EGP

Duration: 2 hours and 50 minutes

Exam Type: Paper-based Test / Internet-based Test


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Prove your teaching knowledge of frameworks with TKF

TKF is a teaching qualification which tests your knowledge in English language teaching frameworks. It will help you to be more confident, understanding and innovative when teaching English language skills, systems and literature. TKF will help you integrate various methods and approaches in your daily teaching.

Who is TKF for?

  • New and experienced teachers
  • Recommended for teachers with an English level of B1+ or above
  • Teachers who teach primary, secondary or adult learners
  • Teachers who want to prove their teaching knowledge of frameworks

Why take a Britishey teaching exam?

Britishey has been a well-renowned teacher training provider in the market for a long time. We have trained thousands of English language teachers and teacher trainers who work at the most prestigious language teaching organisations in different parts of the world. Our name is recognised, and our reputation goes oversees.

Britishey is also a course validated provider for Trinity College London, Cambridge Assessment English, and London Teacher Training College. We have been working with these respectful teacher training bodies for years helping English language teachers across the globe with their continuous professional development.

About the test

TKF is an exam of two papers:

Paper One General Description


  1. To increase candidates’ knowledge of terminology related to the teaching frameworks
  2. To help candidates recognise teaching frameworks in published material
  3. To help candidates understand the rationale behind staging an English language lesson
  4. To provide candidates with different frameworks for teaching English language skills, systems and literature
Format Paper Test
Type Objective / Closed-book
Timing 50 minutes
No. of Tasks Five tasks
Task 1 12 marks
Task 2 8 marks
Task 3 15 marks
Task 4 10 marks
Task 5 25 marks

Paper Two General Description


  1. To increase candidates’ knowledge in planning their own lessons using various teaching frameworks
  2. To help candidates design tasks that fit in the different teaching frameworks’ stages
Format Paper Test
Type Subjective / Open-book
Timing 2 hours
No. of Tasks One task with three parts
Part a 20 marks
Part b 55 marks
Part c 55 marks


The number of marks required to obtain each grade are:

Pass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .approximately 100

Pass with Merit . . . . . . . .approximately 130

Pass with Distinction . . .approximately 150

How to Study for TKF?

The TKF examination is based on a series of videos on English language teaching frameworks published on our YouTube channel. The playlist covers all the frameworks tested in the two papers. It is necessary watching and studying these videos before sitting for the exam.

Start watching the Frameworks playlist:

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How to register for TKF?

You can enter for TKF by registering at one of our approved centres.

You can take TKF whatever your background and teaching experience. It is suitable if you are:

  • a pre-service or a practising teacher
  • teaching primary, secondary or adult learners
  • a non-first language or first language English speaker
  • a teacher who wants to gain formal recognition of your experience, keep your teaching skills up to date and develop your career opportunities.
  • You should ideally have English proficiency at CEFR Level B1+ or above.

Certificate sample

Exam Samples

Paper One



Paper Two