Teaching Writing

by/ Sami Hassan

Writing is something that has to be taught, even in your first language. You can’t just tell students to write an essay, they need preparation and more preparation before they write.

Here at Britishey we follow the logical and the most effective way of teaching writing, even with kids.

Our topic for this session was “Film Review”. At the end of the session students were asked to choose a movie they love and write a review about it. But this process didn’t just go as easy as it might seem.

We followed the framework of teaching writing, “The productapproach”.

Starting by generating interest in the topic of the lesson by asking students some questions like: -Do you like movies?  -What’s your favorite movie? Why?

Students got a general understanding of the text “Film Review: The Hunger Games” after they’ve read and answered some questions. Followed by the next step, students developed some writing skills during the genre analysis stage. Then students were oriented to the type of the text, context, and the target reader before they proceed to the final stage which writing their own film reviews.

Following these steps allowed our lovely students Ahmed Nabil & Hana Nabil to write their own film reviews in the way that you see in the photos down.

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