TOEFL ITP Preparation

Britishey training centre course

Fees: 165 USD

Duration: 30 hours 

Lesson Hours: 2 hours – 3 hours including breaks

Timetable: two days or three days a week

Minimum Age: 16 Years Old

Entry Level: Intermediate

Class Size: Average 12, maximum 15

Mode of Study: Face to Face / Fully Online

Nature: Part Time / Full Time

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The TOEFL ITP TEST (Test Of English as Foreign Language – Institutional Testing Program) is the TOEFL version which is carried out on paper. Unlike the TOEFL IBT which takes place entirely online, this version is organised within secondary education establishments favouring paper supports. The TOEFL ITP is in some ways easier than its digital version. Not only is it shorter (2 hrs instead of 4 hrs) but also limited to three assessed skills (unlike 4 for the online TOEFL).

However, the TOEFL ITP remains, like the TOEFL IBT, for individuals whose mother tongue isn’t English and who wish to attest to their linguistic level. As it is well-known worldwide, this test is indeed a reliable proof of the candidate’s English level, for universities and companies.

TOEFL ITP Score System

The TOEFL ITP score is calculated according to a precise algorithm specific to the test. It is therefore encouraged, not to neglect any question during this test because each of these represents a different number of points. To obtain a score, you must answer at least one question per section. The ITP TOEFL scoring system is specific: for each section of the test, the score is converted by a statistical average to a figure (between 31 and 68) on the TOEFL test scale, with an overall score between 310 and 677 which corresponds to the average of the scores per section, multiplied by 10 (except for level C1).

The TOEFL ITP is scored out of 677. The “Reading” section gives a score between 31 and 67. The “Writing” section is scored between 31 and 68 points. The “Listening” is also scored from 31 to 68.
The TOEFL test covers the language levels from A2 to C1 (according to the CEFR scale), which are the most common among English learners.

Here are the correspondence between TOEFL ITP score and official levels established by the CEFR:

TOEFL ITP ExamScore scaleA2B1B2C1
Score total310-677337460543627

Why Britishey

To optimise your score for TOEFL ITP, preparing in advance is the key to success. Even if you have a good level of English, it is possible to be caught off guard by the structure of the test and fail, due to lack of anticipation and preparation. Like with many language exams, the TOEFL ITP is a standardised test with very specific instructions and a way of working. Getting familiarised with the rules and structure of this test will allow you to gain confidence and be quick on the exam Day.

Our preparation course includes not only training based on standard exercises but also mock exams to get used to the real conditions of the exam and learn to manage your time correctly. Our programme will enable you to analyse your weaknesses and work on them by checking out English lessons which are in keeping with your level and your score goal. By joining our training course and getting ready several weeks before the test day, you shall stack all odds by your side and will be ready to get the score you want.


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Along with our wonderful TOEFL ITP preparation course, our YouTube channel presents to you a great programme focussing on the Structure & Written Expressions section. The programme is presented by Britishey Founder and CEO, Shady Abuyusuf, who has trained hundreds of English language teachers in different parts of the world.

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