Certificate in Teacher Training

Training Qualifications UK

Duration: 130 hours

Mode of Study: Face to Face / Fully Online

Nature: Part Time / Full Time

Level: six


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Certificate in Teacher Training

A level-five certificate in teacher training endorsed by TQUK



Module 1: Introduction to Teacher Training

Welcome to the Diploma in Teacher Training course. This module addresses the foundational concepts for training trainers of English language teachers. You will learn about the distinctive roles and responsibilities of trainers, the involved pedagogical approaches, and methods for addressing diverse learning styles, assessing trainees’ needs, and establishing a safe and positive learning environment.

Module 2: Teaching Teachers Vs. Teaching Learners

This module explores the differences and similarities between teaching teachers and teaching learners. We will examine the unique requirements of training teachers, the significance of adult learning approaches, and tailor instructions to focus on meta-cognitive and professional development aspects.

Module 3: Designing Training Sessions

Here, you will learn the essential components in designing an effective training session. We will discuss how to set objectives, plan for activities that cater to various learning styles, and incorporate appropriate teaching materials when designing a teacher training session.

Module 4: Designing Handouts

Creating effective handouts can support trainees in retaining, internalising, and applying knowledge. This module provides guidance on designing clear, concise, and informative handouts aligned with the training session’s objectives, using appropriate formatting, visuals, and supplementary materials.

Module 5: Delivering Input Sessions

In this module, you will learn techniques for presenting material successfully during input sessions. We will ensure that you can manage time, deliver engaging presentations, use questioning skills to challenge trainees, and apply tools and media to support your session effectively.

Module 6: Observing Teachers

Observing teachers is integral to the training/feedback cycle. This module will help you to develop observation skills, focus on specific aspects of teaching, and use observation tools while maintaining impartiality, professionalism, and contextual understanding.

Module 7: Giving Feedback

Constructive feedback is essential in fostering professional growth. Learn how to offer feedback in a balanced, objective, and sensitive manner, identify areas that require improvement, and suggest specific strategies for enhancing teaching practices.

Module 8: Designing Timetables

In this module, we will focus on establishing effective timetables for teacher training programs. Gain proficiency in allocating time for different areas of learning, aligning activities with the desired outcomes, building in flexibility, and prioritising topics based on the needs of the trainees.

Module 9: Mentoring

Mentoring plays a vital role in supporting English language teachers’ development. Learn about the various mentoring approaches, techniques to build rapport, the mentee’s role in their professional progress, and how to give ongoing support and encouragement.

Module 10: Professional Development

This final module focuses on the trainers’ professional development in the teacher training context. Explore methods to continuously enhance and upgrade your skills, stay updated on the latest educational trends, and engage in reflective practice while fostering an environment that values professional growth for trainees.

Why Sign up for This Course with Britishey

Signing up for the Britishey Training Centre course: Certificate in Teacher Training, which is endorsed by TQUK and placed at Level 6, can provide numerous benefits for aspiring or experienced teachers. Here are some key reasons to consider taking this course:

1. Quality Endorsement: The endorsement by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) ensures that the course meets high standards in terms of content and delivery. It signifies that the course has been rigorously assessed and conforms with the criteria set by a reputable UK-based awarding body.

2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The Level 6 Certificate in Teacher Training covers essential teaching skills and knowledge required for efficient teaching and learning. You’ll study topics such as lesson planning, classroom management, assessment, and feedback, amongst others.

3. Professional Development: Taking this course allows you to improve your teaching abilities and, as a result, broaden your career prospects. Upon completion, you will have gained valuable skills, knowledge, and qualifications that can help you secure teaching positions or advance in your current role.

4. Versatility: The course is suitable for both new and experienced teachers, making it an ideal option for furthering your education regardless of the stage of your teaching career. It equips you with the most up-to-date tools, methods, and techniques necessary for successful teaching.

5. Networking Opportunities: Enrolling in the Britishey Training Centre course allows you to connect with other educators who are also striving for professional growth. This networking opportunity can prove useful for sharing ideas, experiences, and potentially even collaborating together in the future.

6. Convenient Learning: The course is likely to be offered online or via a blended learning approach, making it easily accessible and flexible for those with demanding schedules or remote locations.

7. Enhanced Credibility: As a Level 6 qualification, the course demonstrates a high level of expertise and commitment to the teaching profession. This can make you stand out in a competitive job market and instill confidence in your potential employers, colleagues, and students regarding your teaching capabilities.

Overall, signing up for the Britishey Training Centre course: Certificate in Teacher Training can provide you with comprehensive knowledge, help ensure continued professional growth, and increase your credibility within the teaching profession.