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Meeting the CEO of Learning Resource Network in Cairo: A Milestone for Britishey Training Centre

Shady Abuyusuf

Thu, 18 Apr 2024


Meeting the CEO of Learning Resource Network in Cairo: A Milestone for Britishey Training Centre

In a significant milestone for Britishey Training Centre, the bustling streets of Cairo, Egypt, witnessed a momentous event as the CEO of Learning Resource Network (LRN) presented the renewed certificate to Britishey, marking them as the first recognised centre in Egypt to deliver LRN programmes. The event not only celebrated Britishey's accomplishment but also highlighted the fruitful collaboration between the two entities in advancing English language education in Egypt.

A Pioneer in English Language Training:

Britishey Training Centre has long been at the forefront of English language teaching in Egypt, offering a range of programs including ELTAC courses and other immersive language learning experiences. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has earned them recognition as a leader in the field, setting the standard for language education in the region.

About Learning Resource Network (LRN):

LRN stands as an eminent awarding body, dedicated to crafting qualifications tailored for educational institutions, independent learning providers, and employers worldwide. Renowned for their portfolio of international English qualifications, LRN empowers individuals to showcase their language proficiency for both personal and professional growth. These qualifications, recognized globally, serve as a testament to one's skills and capabilities, acknowledged by educational institutes, professional bodies, and governments alike.

Expanding Horizons:

With a vision for global development, LRN now offers qualifications not only in English language proficiency (ESOL) but also in Business and Education and Training domains. This expansion underscores LRN's commitment to providing accessible, cost-effective, and user-friendly qualifications that meet the evolving needs of learners and educators worldwide.

Collaborative Excellence:

The journey to developing these comprehensive qualifications was fueled by a collaborative effort, drawing upon the expertise of academics, industry professionals, and experienced colleagues versed in validation, verification, delivery, and assessment. This collective wisdom ensured the creation of qualifications that are not only robust but also relevant to the demands of today's educational and professional landscape.

A Bright Future Ahead:

As Britishey Training Centre embarks on this new chapter as a recognised provider of LRN programmes, the horizon is brimming with possibilities. The renewed partnership between Britishey and LRN signifies a shared commitment to empowering learners, equipping them with the skills and qualifications necessary to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

The meeting with the CEO of Learning Resource Network in Cairo was not just a ceremonial occasion but a testament to the dedication and hard work of Britishey Training Centre in advancing English language education in Egypt. With LRN's support and the continued efforts of Britishey, the future of language education in Egypt shines brighter than ever before, offering learners a pathway to success in an ever-changing global landscape.


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