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Ahmed Nasser is a dedicated and versatile educator with a wealth of experience in English language teaching. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for fostering learning environments, Ahmed has made significant contributions to the field of education.

His journey began as an English Tutor for adults at RSH, where he honed his teaching skills and developed a deep understanding of adult learners' needs. Subsequently, he transitioned to become an English Tutor for teens at English Capsules, where he demonstrated his ability to engage and motivate younger learners effectively.

Ahmed further expanded his teaching experience as an English Private Tutor at Nafham, where he provided personalized instruction to students, catering to their individual learning styles and needs. His dedication to education led him to join Britishey Training Center, where he served as an English Tutor for adults and teens, contributing to the success of numerous students.

His passion for teaching extended to formal school settings, as he served as an English Teacher at Khattab Language School (KLS) for Primary and Preparatory stages, as well as at Talae Al Mustakbal Language School Dokki for the Preparatory stage. During his tenure at these schools, Ahmed demonstrated his ability to create engaging lessons and foster a positive learning environment for his students.

Ahmed's commitment to professional development is evident in his achievement of a PASS A in his CELTA course, demonstrating his proficiency in English language teaching methodologies. Additionally, he has served as an English Teacher Trainer (ACT) at Britishey Training Center, where he has shared his expertise with aspiring educators, further solidifying his reputation as a knowledgeable and experienced teacher.

In summary, Ahmed Nasser is a dynamic and dedicated educator who is committed to empowering students and fostering a love for learning. With his diverse teaching experiences, passion for education, and commitment to professional development, Ahmed continues to make a positive impact in the field of English language teaching.



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