Course Description

The CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course is an internationally recognised program designed for individuals who wish to embark on a career in English language teaching or for experienced educators seeking to enhance their skills. Delivered by authorised Cambridge English Assessment centres, the CELTA course provides a rigorous and comprehensive training experience over a period of four to five weeks.

Throughout the course, participants engage in a combination of theoretical input sessions, practical teaching practice, and reflective feedback sessions. The focus is on developing practical teaching skills and language awareness necessary for effective English language teaching in diverse contexts.

The course covers essential topics such as language analysis, lesson planning, classroom management, teaching methodology, and language skills development. Participants also learn about learner motivation, assessment techniques, and incorporating technology into language teaching.

One of the key components of the CELTA course is the teaching practice sessions, where participants have the opportunity to teach real English language learners under the guidance of experienced tutors. These teaching practice sessions are observed by tutors and peers, providing valuable feedback and opportunities for reflection and improvement.

By the end of the CELTA course, participants are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to plan and deliver effective English language lessons to a wide range of learners. Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive the CELTA certificate, which is highly regarded by employers worldwide and opens up a variety of career opportunities in the field of English language teaching.

Annual Timetable:

C3/2024 31.05.2024 to 10.08.2024 (Part-time Online Course) 

11 weeks on Fridays & Saturdays from 9 AM to 6 PM

C4/2024 02.06.2024 to 04.07.2024 (Full-time F2F Course) 

5 weeks on Sunday to Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM

C5/2024 30.06.2024 to 25.07.2024 (Full-time Online Course) 

6 weeks on Sunday to Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM

C6/2024 07.07.2024 to 01.08.2024 (Full-time F2F Course) 

4 weeks on Sunday to Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM

C7/2024 04.08.2024 to 29.08.2024 (Full-time Online Course) 

4 weeks on Sunday to Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM

C8/2024 04.08.2024 to 29.08.2024 (Full-time F2F Course) 

4 weeks on Sunday to Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM

C9/2024 09.08.2024 to 12.10.2024 (Part-time Online Course) 

10 weeks on Fridays & Saturdays from 9 AM to 6 PM

What will I learn?

  • Develop effective teaching strategies for diverse learners.
  • Create engaging and dynamic lesson plans.
  • Master language analysis and grammar teaching techniques.
  • Utilise various teaching resources and technology effectively.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in classroom management.
  • Receive personalised feedback to enhance teaching skills.
  • Cultivate reflective teaching practices.
  • Attain internationally recognised certification.


  • Age Requirement: Participants must be at least 18 years old at the start of the course.
  • Educational Background: Applicants should have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education.
  • English Proficiency: Applicants must have a proficient level of English, both written and spoken, to successfully complete the course.
  • Teaching Ability: While no prior teaching experience is required, applicants should demonstrate an interest in teaching English to speakers of other languages.
  • Commitment: The CELTA course is intensive and requires full-time dedication. Participants should be prepared to commit to the entirety of the course, which typically lasts for four weeks.
  • Computer Literacy: Basic computer skills, including word processing and internet navigation, are necessary for completing written assignments and accessing course materials.
  • Workload Management: Participants should be able to manage their workload effectively, including lesson planning, teaching practice, and completing written assignments, within the designated timeframe.
  • Professional Conduct: Participants are expected to adhere to professional standards of conduct throughout the course, including punctuality, respect for fellow participants, and engagement in all course activities.
  • Readiness for Feedback: Participants should be open to receiving feedback from trainers and peers on their teaching practice sessions and written assignments, and demonstrate a willingness to reflect on and improve their teaching skills.
  • Access to Resources: Participants should have access to resources such as textbooks, online materials, and teaching aids to support their learning during the course.
  • Health and Well-being: Participants should be in good physical and mental health to cope with the demands of the course and participate fully in all activities.
  • Visa Requirements (if applicable): International participants should ensure they have the necessary visa or permission to study in Egypt where our course is being offered Face to Face, if applicable.

Frequently-asked Questions

Yes, you can. It is a level-five certificate, which means that it is designed for those who would like to learn how to teach from the very beginning.

The standard CELTA course is typically a full-time, four-week programme. There are also part-time options available, but the duration may vary.

The CELTA course includes a balance of theory and practical teaching experience. Trainees will participate in observed teaching practice, lesson planning, and theoretical input sessions.

Yes, the CELTA course includes assessment through written assignments, lesson observations, and feedback sessions. Successful completion of all components is required to obtain the CELTA certificate.

CELTA stands for Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. It is an internationally recognized qualification for teaching English as a foreign language.

CELTA is ideal for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in English language teaching or those who wish to enhance their teaching skills and credentials.

The course covers essential topics such as language analysis, teaching methodology, lesson planning, classroom management, and assessment. Participants also gain practical teaching experience through observed teaching practice sessions.

The CELTA full-time program lasts for four weeks. Part-time options last for 10 or 11 weeks and sometimes more depending on the programme.

No, CELTA is open to both native and non-native English speakers who meet the entry requirements and demonstrate proficiency in English.

Yes, participants who successfully complete the course requirements, including teaching practice assignments and written assignments, will receive a certificate issued by Cambridge English.

2 Lessons

1 Lessons

Shady Abuyusuf

Lead Teacher Trainer

In my professional journey, I've had the privilege of founding and leading Britishey Training Centre as its CEO, named Shady. My involvement in English Language Teaching began humbly in 2001, right after graduating from Damietta University. Since then, I've remained dedicated to learning and growth in this field.Expanding my horizons, I pursued a Foundation Certificate in Translation from the American University of Cairo in 2010, which laid the groundwork for my commitment to excellence in language studies. Subsequently, I furthered my expertise with a Diploma in English Language Teaching for Adults, the prestigious Cambridge DELTA, through English Language Assessment, which is part of Cambridge University.Fuelled by a genuine passion for empowering educators, I engaged in rigorous Teacher Educator Training with the esteemed TESOL International Association in 2015. This led me to a transformative journey in Barcelona, Spain, where I received training on how to become a CertTESOL tutor.In 2016, I took a significant step forward by establishing a CELTA center at Future University in Egypt, aiming to elevate the standard of ELT training. Concurrently, I refined my skills as a CELTA tutor through Cambridge University's trainer-in-training program.My pursuit of mastery also led me to obtain a certificate of proficiency in Received Pronunciation from the renowned dialect coach, Paul Meier, in 2016. This milestone reinforced my dedication to fostering linguistic excellence.Attaining the status of a certified CELTA tutor from Cambridge Assessment English in 2017 solidified my reputation as a proficient ELT educator. This dedication to academic excellence culminated in my graduation from the University of Leicester's MA in TESOL & Applied Linguistics program in 2018, underscoring my unwavering commitment to scholarly pursuits.The year 2022 marked a pivotal milestone as Britishey Training Centre received accreditation as a course-validated provider by Trinity College London, opening doors for me to serve as an assessor for the Trinity Certificate for Practising Teachers (CertPT).In 2023, I achieved a significant milestone by establishing Britishey Training Centre as a distinguished CELTA and CertTESOL center, offering top-notch training both online and at our premier facilities in Cairo and Damietta, Egypt. Furthermore, I spearheaded the establishment of Britishey Training Centre as the first international TQUK center in Africa and the Middle East, pioneering a new era of educational excellence.Throughout my career, I've had the honour of imparting knowledge and expertise through a diverse array of seminars for educators across the globe. From the United Arab Emirates to South Africa, and from France to Egypt, my journey underscores the profound impact of education in shaping lives and futures.

Ismail Noeman


Ismail Gamal Ismail Noaman is an accomplished educator and teacher trainer with a wealth of experience in English language education. Born and raised in Egypt, he has dedicated his career to advancing English language learning and teaching methodologies both in academic settings and through professional training courses.Ismail's journey in the field of education began with his Bachelor's degree in English Language Education and Literature from the Faculty of Education in Damietta, Egypt, which he completed in September 2009. Building upon this foundation, he pursued further qualifications and certifications to enhance his teaching skills. In January 2015, he achieved the prestigious Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) with a Pass A grade, demonstrating his commitment to excellence in language teaching.Continuing his professional development, Ismail embarked on a series of advanced training programs, including the Cambridge DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Modules One and Two in 2018 and 2019 respectively. These certifications further solidified his expertise in language teaching methodologies and assessment practices.With a passion for teacher training and development, Ismail has played key roles in various educational institutions and training centers. He has served as a tutor and assessor for Cambridge Assessment English courses, including the CELTA and CertPT programs. His responsibilities have encompassed delivering input sessions, assessing teaching practice, evaluating assignments, and providing comprehensive feedback to candidates.Throughout his career, Ismail has held teaching positions in prestigious institutions such as the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, the Future University in Egypt, and the British University in Egypt, where he taught a range of English language courses and coordinated exam preparation classes.Notably, Ismail has made significant contributions to the field of teacher training through his extensive experience as an assistant course tutor for various TEFL and TESOL courses offered by the London Teacher Training College and Cambridge Assessment English. His role involved conducting input sessions, facilitating teaching practice, and mentoring both graduate and in-service teachers to enhance their pedagogical skills.Ismail's dedication to English language education extends beyond the classroom as he actively engages in curriculum development, materials adaptation, and ongoing evaluation of language courses to meet the evolving needs of students and stakeholders.His expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence have earned him recognition as a leading educator and trainer in the field of English language teaching in Egypt. Ismail Noaman continues to inspire and empower educators to excel in their profession and make a positive impact on English language learning worldwide.

Amanda Gamble

CELTA Tutor & Assessor / TEFL Tutor

Amanda Gamble is a dedicated educator and teacher trainer with extensive experience in language education and professional development. Born on September 20th, 1971, Amanda has dedicated her career to enhancing language teaching methodologies and supporting educators worldwide.Amanda's academic journey began with a Bachelor of Arts with Education (QTS) from the University of Durham, where she graduated with a Class 2.1 degree. Building upon this foundation, she pursued further qualifications, including a Diploma in TESOL from Language 2 Associates, UK, where she achieved a Grade A.Continuing her professional development, Amanda obtained a Master's in Professional Development in Language Education from International House, London, where she graduated with Distinction. Her master's program included modules in Materials Development for Language Teaching and Trainer Development, both of which she excelled in with Grade A. Her dissertation focused on the impact of a self-assessment tool on Egyptian teachers' ability to reflect on their practice, earning her another Grade A.Amanda's commitment to education and training is evident in her extensive list of qualifications and certifications. She holds diplomas and certificates from prestigious institutions such as International House in London, Istanbul, and Wroclaw, as well as certifications from University of Cambridge and Trinity College London.Throughout her career, Amanda has held various teaching and training positions across different countries. She has worked as a teacher trainer, teacher mentor, director of studies, and teacher trainer manager in institutions such as the British Council in Cairo, International House in Izmir and Istanbul, and The English Academy in Dublin, among others.Amanda's expertise extends beyond teaching and training to include materials development, proofreading, and materials reviewing. She has contributed to projects such as the 'English Together' initiative by the British Council, Ministry of National Education, and Sabanci Foundation in Turkey, where she supported teachers to be facilitators of Professional Development Communities.Amanda's dedication to language education and teacher development is further demonstrated through her involvement in short teacher training courses, proofreading projects, materials reviewing, materials writing, and articles on methodology for teachers.With her wealth of experience, Amanda continues to make significant contributions to the field of language education and teacher training, inspiring educators and empowering them to excel in their profession.

Francesca Pelli


Francesca Pelli is a highly experienced CELTA tutor with a passion for language education and a global perspective. Originally from Italy, Francesca has made her mark in the field of English language teaching, particularly as a CELTA tutor, bringing her expertise to various corners of the world, including South Africa.With a rich background in language education, Francesca embarked on her journey in teaching after completing her own CELTA certification. Inspired by her love for languages and her desire to make a difference in the lives of learners, she quickly established herself as a dedicated and effective educator.Francesca's career as a CELTA tutor began to flourish as she gained extensive experience in delivering CELTA courses across different continents. Her dynamic teaching style, combined with her deep understanding of language acquisition principles, has made her a sought-after tutor among aspiring English language teachers.In her role as a CELTA tutor, Francesca is known for her ability to create engaging and interactive learning environments where trainees feel supported and challenged to reach their full potential. She brings a wealth of real-world teaching experience to her training sessions, offering practical insights and valuable feedback to help candidates develop their teaching skills.Francesca's commitment to excellence in teacher training has taken her to various countries, where she has had the opportunity to work with diverse groups of trainees from different cultural backgrounds. Her experiences in delivering CELTA courses in different parts of the world have enriched her teaching approach and broadened her understanding of the challenges and opportunities in language education.Based in South Africa, Francesca continues to inspire and empower English language teachers through her role as a CELTA tutor. Her dedication to professional development, coupled with her passion for teaching, makes her a valuable asset to the field of language education, both locally and internationally.

Jennifer Morris


Hello. I’m Jennifer. I’m originally from Manchester in the UK, where I started my teaching career in 1997. Since then I’ve worked in a variety of roles in several countries. In particular, I worked as aCourse Director, which involved training teachers. I found this element of my work both satisfying and enjoyable so decided to train to do it full-time. Initially, I worked on projects with state schoolsin the MENA region until 2017, when I started working on CELTA courses. I love the work I do and get a real buzz watching trainees develop on the course to become really effective teachers by theend. I’m actually still in contact with many former trainees; some have since taken the DELTA and are hoping to be trainers themselves soon. On a personal level, as above, I’m from Manchester soan interest football is in my DNA; Reds for me! I also love to travel, which teaching has given me the opportunity to do. Finally, I love nature and animals. I don’t eat meat or animal products andalways try to protect the environment. Looking forward to meeting you on the CELTA course!

Diane Hoggins


Diane Davenport Hoggins is an esteemed educator and language professional with a wealth of experience in English language teaching, teacher training, and examination. With a diverse background and a commitment to excellence, Diane has made significant contributions to the field of education both in Australia and internationally.Diane's educational journey began with a Bachelor of Science Honours in Zoology from the University of Tasmania in 1976, followed by a Diploma of Education specializing in High School Science and Mathematics in 1979. She furthered her academic pursuits with a Master of Arts in TESOL from the University of Technology, Sydney, in 2016, solidifying her expertise in language education.Her professional qualifications include being a Cambridge CELTA Trainer/Assessor, having completed her training at the University of Technology College in Sydney. Diane has also served as an IELTS Examiner for over three decades, bringing a wealth of experience to the assessment of English language proficiency.Throughout her career, Diane has been deeply involved in teacher training and development. Since 2004, she has served as a CELTA Teacher Trainer (MCT/ACT)/Assessor at UTS College, University of Technology, Sydney, where she has played a pivotal role in designing and delivering CELTA courses and mentoring aspiring educators. Additionally, Diane has conducted freelance CELTA training in various locations worldwide, including Lebanon, Egypt, India, South Africa, and Latvia.Diane's commitment to professional development is evident in her participation in numerous conferences and training programs. She has presented at conferences such as the English Australia Conference in Melbourne and the Cambridge English Teaching Awards Symposia in various locations worldwide, where she has shared her expertise on topics ranging from 'non-native speaker' teacher confidence to CELTA assessments and learner-centredness.In addition to her roles in teacher training, Diane has extensive experience as an English language teacher. She has taught English language courses to students from diverse backgrounds at UTS College, focusing on Academic English, IELTS preparation, and General English. Her dedication to cross-cultural communication and education is reflected in her work designing and delivering ESP courses and cross-cultural communication programs.Beyond her professional endeavours, Diane is recognised for her exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, as well as her exemplary time management and prioritization abilities. She is known for her dedication to achieving set goals and exceeding expectations, and her positive outlook and dedication to growth mindset inspire those around her.Diane Davenport Hoggins remains a respected figure in the field of English language education, admired for her dedication to excellence, commitment to professional development, and passion for empowering learners and educators alike.

Pauline Aldulaimy


Pauline Aldulaimy is an accomplished educator and teacher trainer with a wealth of experience in English language teaching and teacher training. With a diverse background and a commitment to excellence, Pauline has made significant contributions to the field of education both in Kuwait and internationally.Pauline's educational journey began with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Philosophy from the University of Liverpool in 1985. She furthered her academic pursuits with a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from Sheffield University, UK, in 2008, solidifying her expertise in language education.Her professional qualifications include being an approved Cambridge CELTA Trainer since 2009 and an approved Cambridge DELTA Trainer since 2008. Pauline has also been an approved Trinity TYLEC Tutor since 2015, reflecting her expertise in teaching young learners.Throughout her career, Pauline has been deeply involved in teacher training and development. She has delivered CELTA Teacher Training courses in various countries, including Armenia, Tunisia, Egypt, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Cairo. Pauline has also been actively involved in training teachers for the Trinity TYLEC program and the Cambridge CELT-Young Learner extension.As a Team Leader for Cambridge ESOL exams, Pauline has been responsible for recruiting, supporting, and training a team of examiners for ESOL exams. She has also served as a Certified Moderator for IGCSE oral examiners and has been involved in pre-moderation training and recruitment of experienced teachers.Pauline's commitment to professional development is evident in her participation in numerous accreditation programs and workshops. She has received accreditation in various teaching and training qualifications, including Promethean Active Studio, RSA/UCLES Certificate in TEFL Young Learners, and RSA/UCLES Certificate in TEFLA.In addition to her roles in teacher training, Pauline has extensive experience as an English language teacher. She has taught English language courses to students of all levels and ages, including adults and young learners. Her expertise includes IELTS preparation, exam classes, and corporate training courses in Business English and Softskills.Pauline Aldulaimy remains a respected figure in the field of English language education, admired for her dedication to excellence, commitment to professional development, and passion for empowering learners and educators alike.

Aya Badr


Aya Badr is an accomplished CELTA tutor at Britishey Training Centre, where she brings over seven years of experience in English teaching and teacher training. Her journey in the field of education began with her role as an English Teacher at various institutions, including OTO, MITQ, Best Step Centre KSA, and the Egyptian Virtual Academy. Throughout her career, Aya has demonstrated her commitment to creating a safe and conducive learning environment for students of different levels, ages, and backgrounds.In her current position as a CELTA tutor at Britishey Training Centre, Aya plays a crucial role in training teachers, both novice and experienced, in the art and science of English language teaching. Her responsibilities include delivering high-quality training sessions, providing feedback and guidance to trainees, and promoting autonomy to enhance students' learning opportunities. Aya is dedicated to empowering teachers to develop their skills and strategies, thereby positively impacting their students' learning outcomes.Aya's extensive educational background includes certifications from prestigious institutions such as Trinity College London and the London Teacher Training College. She holds a Dip.TESOL qualification, Train The Trainer certification, and various certificates in TEFL and educational management. Aya's continuous pursuit of professional development reflects her dedication to staying updated with the latest teaching methodologies and best practices in the field.Beyond her role as a CELTA tutor, Aya is known for her strong leadership skills, effective communication, and ability to work collaboratively in a team environment. She is proficient in various software applications, including MS Office, and possesses a keen interest in research and training.In summary, Aya Badr's tenure as a CELTA tutor at Britishey Training Centre showcases her passion for teaching and teacher education. Through her expertise, dedication, and commitment to lifelong learning, Aya continues to make a significant impact on the professional development of English language educators, ultimately benefiting the students they serve.

Elsaid Rashad


Elsaid Rashad is a dedicated and experienced CELTA tutor at Britishey Training Centre. With a passion for teaching and a commitment to excellence, Elsaid brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role.Elsaid holds a Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA) from Cambridge Assessment English, which showcases his advanced understanding of English language teaching methodologies and practices. Additionally, he holds a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the University of Sunderland, further solidifying his expertise in the field.With years of experience in the education sector, Elsaid has successfully trained numerous teacher candidates, guiding them through the rigorous process of becoming qualified English language teachers. His approachable demeanour, effective communication skills, and ability to create engaging and dynamic learning environments make him a valued member of the Britishey Training Centre team.Elsaid is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students feel empowered to achieve their goals. He is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in English language teaching and continuously seeks opportunities for professional development to enhance his teaching practice.Outside of his role as a CELTA tutor, Elsaid enjoys traveling, exploring different cultures, and expanding his own language skills. His passion for lifelong learning and dedication to his students make him an invaluable asset to Britishey Training Centre.


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