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Francesca Pelli is a highly experienced CELTA tutor with a passion for language education and a global perspective. Originally from Italy, Francesca has made her mark in the field of English language teaching, particularly as a CELTA tutor, bringing her expertise to various corners of the world, including South Africa.

With a rich background in language education, Francesca embarked on her journey in teaching after completing her own CELTA certification. Inspired by her love for languages and her desire to make a difference in the lives of learners, she quickly established herself as a dedicated and effective educator.

Francesca's career as a CELTA tutor began to flourish as she gained extensive experience in delivering CELTA courses across different continents. Her dynamic teaching style, combined with her deep understanding of language acquisition principles, has made her a sought-after tutor among aspiring English language teachers.

In her role as a CELTA tutor, Francesca is known for her ability to create engaging and interactive learning environments where trainees feel supported and challenged to reach their full potential. She brings a wealth of real-world teaching experience to her training sessions, offering practical insights and valuable feedback to help candidates develop their teaching skills.

Francesca's commitment to excellence in teacher training has taken her to various countries, where she has had the opportunity to work with diverse groups of trainees from different cultural backgrounds. Her experiences in delivering CELTA courses in different parts of the world have enriched her teaching approach and broadened her understanding of the challenges and opportunities in language education.

Based in South Africa, Francesca continues to inspire and empower English language teachers through her role as a CELTA tutor. Her dedication to professional development, coupled with her passion for teaching, makes her a valuable asset to the field of language education, both locally and internationally.



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